How to stream Hulu on discord

How to stream Hulu on discord?

Hulu was among the top ten streaming services in the United States in 2022. Discord is becoming more popular. Let’s start by defining Discord.

Discord is a favorite tool for teens to communicate and form groups. You can also chat with Discord users in voice chat rooms.

Discord How to stream Hulu

The process can be followed on both Discord web or windows apps. This guide is being used by the Discord app. The app also offers additional features and better control.

Discord – Steps to stream Hulu

#1. Open Edge. Chrome browser, Firefox or the Hulu App.

#2. Use Open Discord to connect with a server that lets you share your screen with others.

#3. To view Settings click the icon at bottom left.

4 Next, choose Game Activity from the left-hand navigation.

#5. Click on To add it at the top. Next, select your browser window where Hulu is installed. Finally, click on Add Game.

#6 To exit the Settings panel tap the screen button in the bottom-left corner.

#7. Choose the browser window or app you want to share

#8. Choose your streaming preferences. To stream at higher resolutions than 720p, you will need a Discord Nitro account.

Click To stream live.

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