Are restaurants busy on Black Friday?

Are restaurants busy on Black Friday?

Black Friday is predicted to be the busiest Christmas shopping day on the whole calendar. But, it’s not always the case that restaurants see an increase in sales when customers search for deals. The NPD Group analyzed receipts from 150,000 consumers across the country and found that the largest traditional shopping days were not the most popular days for sales at restaurants. In fact, Black Friday 2018 was the 14th top day to dine out during the season of Christmas. The most sought-after night to dine out was November 17 on a Saturday. 17. This was the week that was leading up to Thanksgiving.

“Everyone has this assumption that because Black Friday is a traditional big brick-and-mortar shopping day that it creates a big boom for restaurant traffic,” said David Portalatin, vice president and consultant to the food industry for NPD Group. NPD Group. “I am sure that restaurants that are located in malls, or near major shopping centers will have an enjoyable experience on Black Friday. However, it’s not a big day for restaurants generally. “

The two least popular dates of the year for food services were Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.” The majority of us will enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at our own home or at the home of someone else. What happens the next day following Thanksgiving? 

It’s the time for leftovers,” he added. It’s not a bad thing for restaurants during the festive season.”The holiday is an opportunity for the restaurant space,” Portalatin said. “We find that 46% of consumers plan to give presents that are tangible, experiences or experiences of a kind, and they are planning to present gift cards. The most tangible or tangible present they’d like to receive is a meal or drinking experience. “A majority of major restaurant chains have experienced no significant holiday sales starting in November through January over the past five years. 

The top performer is Wendy’s company with the largest market cap of five billion which is up over four percent. While the numbers may not be representative of trends, Portalatin says those that serve coffee or other drinks will likely see an increase.” You are going to find that Starbucks is absolutely jam-packed because people are going to have a lot of beverage-only occasions between meals,” said the man. “So you’re likely to see an extremely long queue in the Starbucks cafe to get coffee. “

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